Please help! Trying to figure out my best option.... Propecia vs Rogaine or both????

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  • venicexx
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    • Sep 2009
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    Please help! Trying to figure out my best option.... Propecia vs Rogaine or both????

    Hello all -

    I am a 28 year old male who is now very concerned about balding and do not want to end up like my father (who has hair only on the sides and lower back of his head).

    Now, people are telling me that my hair line is receding in the front and also thinning. Few years back, I remember seeing a lot of hair on my pillow case. It seems as though I'm not losing as much hair as before but not too sure about that.

    I still have hair on my crown but am very afraid it will all go away in 5-10 years.

    My forehead is definitely bigger then it used to and now my hair seems to be much thinner then before.

    I have no clue where to start. Its kinda depressing even thinking about this.

    I hear rogaine is not effective for everyone and that once you stop using it, you will lose more hair with thinning on top of that.

    I also hear that propecia is not effective for receding hair line at the temples (which is what I believe I have). But would it be a good idea to start taking it? I'm afraid this receding hair line will go all the way to the back of my head like my dads.

    So what should I do? Are there any shampoos you can recommend or any other products?

    I hear I can take supplements such as: .

    Any advice or suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    Waiting patiently for your responses....

  • Dr. Glenn Charles
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    • Nov 2008
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    If you are seeing any thinning in the middle or crown areas and have a strong family history of Male Pattern Baldness I would recommend starting Propecia. Rogaine can always be added to your regimen at a later time. You could also consider laser treatments which also may aide in slowing down the hair loss process. The new PRP procedure may in the near future prove to be another viable option in the prevention of genetic hair loss.
    Dr. Glenn Charles
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