"How does it FEEL to be bald?" A social experiment!

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    "How does it FEEL to be bald?" A social experiment!

    hello again everyone,it's been a long time since i didn't post anything up here because there are no good news on the baldness front but i thought i can share this interesting experience/experiment i had a couple of months ago.
    i'ts a bit long,so sorry in advance!

    So...i was having dinner with two friends of mine :
    a guy i have been friend with since i was a child and a girl i used to be a sex friend with in my early 20's
    everything was going smoothly lots of laughs,flirting and jokes until this girl started looking at my hairline (which i shaved the day before with a razorblade)
    "What about your hair transplant Alex? why don't you make them grow a little bit?"
    "And here we go again" i thought
    i tried to explain to her,joking,that the operation was ****ed since the beginning and for some other causes i can't make them grow normally...and in this point i don't even care since it's steadily getting worse
    She kept asking about it and and the discussion was getting a little bit heavy on my part when she finally said
    "I will never understand what it feels like for a man to be bald. It seems terrible but i don't fully understand how it should be like a woman....Hair are important almost as tits for us,so using this two (pointing at her chest) how does it feels like?"

    answering with the same clichè "'it's terrible i feel bad yadda yadda yadda" wasn't exactly my idea of being clear with her so i tried to make her FEEL the same way i did with a good example that i'm still using nowdays to shut females/other people up upon this subject
    "Let's say you're hitting puberty. You're developing your body,your identity, and nature is pretty much screaming that you're ready for mating..... Suddently, your tits fall off and you look like you have a pair of elder like titties. Oh, and you develop a lot of pubic and chest/leg hairs too. And people keep saying it's normal,you look sexy and whatever. But it's not cool,not young looking and sexy. It's just dumb and ugly,a failure in evolution...the same hormones developing your traits are the same destroying parts of your body and somehow for a long time you will feel horribly about it. You won't have the same options as others about your look and getting sex will be harder than ever,and the worst part is that you'll be sex crazed.You will have to choose different drugs that eventually will get your hair back if you're lucky or screw your hormones and maybe develop a penis in most cases if you're not. Otherwise you can get a transplant and see if you can get something back....You'll look at elders with a head full of hair and die of envy because yuo won't be able to change your look for a long time too but you'll eventually accept it. And that's it."
    She was speechless after this and she replied "If this ever happens to me,please,shoot me"
    we laughed about it. i told her i'm not thinking about my hair anymore that much as i used too and it's true but it's hard and we know it bros

    And at this point,my male friend said "C'mon man,it can't be that bad you're getting over dramatic to impress her..." and finally i lost my patience on the terrible sentence that is "grow a pair and who cares" said by one who doesnt know how it feels like to be bald
    the dude,as i said,it's been my friend since we were children - he is this good looking blond tall dude,8/10 aesthetics,get laid more than often,smart as **** but sometimes he gets a little bitchy and we tend to argue to impress women.
    So this time i used baldness as a weapon
    "Why don't you try it for yourself and see how you can pull it off?" i replied.
    out of pride,he agreed. And oh what fun i had (evil laughs)

    And here's the interesting part,the social experiment we did.

    since he lives pretty near to my house i gave him the plan : i would've been shaving him in the next three months in the shape of my baldness and see how people would react differently for this. To give it a real looking effect,i shaved him down first off with an electric shaver and then define themale pattern baldness line with a razor blade.

    Well.....let's just say his rep with girls dropped. if he was a bangable (dat neologism tho!) guy with a 8/10 looks he dropped to a 6.5,7/10. Hell,we went to this party and the same girls he used to **** were just avoiding him. Guess what? even at picking up other girls his performance dropped.
    "Man i'm getting crazy after the first month. What the ****...i bang only fatties and random ugly looking chicks with no self esteem" eveytime he was getting emotional about it i was like "Dude,it's normal,you'll accept it" just as i always been told.no pity on my part

    At the second month,he was downright depressed. He was starting to use a hat all the time even at night because he felt ashamed about it. To give him a little hope i said "Well,you're not exactly bald you know. It's an experiment. You'll eventually regrow whatever i cut out" and he cheered up a bit. But i guess he started to feel like how i feel. He's unemployed like me and he said he notice different reactions at job interviews as i did when i was using a wig in my other social experiment i did long before.
    and if this is not BEING DISCRIMINATED i dunno what else is,really!

    At the third month he couldn't really say anything else but "i want my hair back man. I understand how you feel and i'll never ever said anything else about it anymore. It SUCKS." He almost finished the experiment and at the begininng of the next month he will regrow his hair and return to life,i guess. This is what we said last time we were having a beer togheter last nigh.The quote alone is a monumental truth
    "How can you pull this shit off man? it's just umbearable!"
    "You have too"
    "I bet you cannot wait for someone to develop a cure for this shit. Dude will be like swimming in a sea of Oscars after this"
    yeah maybe when the industry will realize that curing people and making affordable means making MORE MONEY than making affordable for a selected class of few rich shitbags

    To end on a positive note - me and the girl started ****ing again regardless of my baldness. I guess having a bald head doesn't exactly delete your sex resume after all.

    cheers and stay hard everyone!
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