Bad Hair Transplant Results - How Can I Improve My Situation?

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  • tbtadmin
    • Sep 2008
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    Bad Hair Transplant Results - How Can I Improve My Situation?

    Iíve had two poor hair transplants in 2003 and 2004 and I am at my wits end. Unfortunately, I did not do enough research and have just found your organization. I am hoping to repair my hair line to make it look more natural than it does now. I still have a lot of donor [...]

  • Dr. Glenn Charles
    IAHRS Recommended Hair Transplant Surgeon
    • Nov 2008
    • 2423

    The most important thing is that you still have some good donor hair remaining.
    It is possible to use the hairs transplanted from the first two procedures to your advantage and have enough new grafts placed all around the previous grafts to create that natural appearence you are looking for. You may want to consider going to a physician who uses coronal slits vs. sagittal slits in the hairline area. In my experience grafts placed in this orientation are more successful in making misdirected grafts from prior surgeries look more natural.
    Dr. Glenn Charles
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