Do You Think I Am Overpaying For My Hair Transplant?

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  • tbtadmin
    • Sep 2008
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    Do You Think I Am Overpaying For My Hair Transplant?

    I went in for a consultation and was told I would need about 200-250 grafts for a bald area that I have that is the size of a quarter on the hairline of my temple from birth.* I was quoted $3,000.* Not FUE just a regular transplant. I have never believed one should shop around [...]

  • the B spot
    Doctor Representative
    • Jan 2009
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    This is usually a situation where I should keep my mouth shut, but because I believe that hair transplantation rates are all over the map, I think someone should offer a different perspective on the issue.

    Let me state that I believe that if someone commands certain fees in a certain field, god bless them----I am 1 year removed from completing law school, so I am seeing fairly drastic differences between fees for the same work--I understand market demand.

    Now, on to the article. First off---250-300 grafts is about 3-3 1/2 hours work, plus the session is so small you only need 2 maybe 3 techs present to complete the work. This session is small enough that a clinic with 10-15 regularly employed technicians would have no problem booking this surgery on top of another 1500-3000 graft session.

    If you understand allocation of resources, you will understand that the larger surgery covers the clinic expenses for the day, with the 2nd surgery incurring very little in the way of clinical expenses.

    Of course, if the clinic in question has only 1 O.R. or cannot handle more than one patient per day, then that is another factor to be considered, when comparing quality and price.

    So, if the patient asks are they being over-charged for 250-300 grafts for 3K--the answer is no, but only if you have exhausted your research and determined the doctor (whose fees are in question) is the BEST choice for YOU. At that point, the patient will either feel the quality sought will equal the cost, or they won't.

    Travel and time off work concerns must be factored in as well.

    However, the market generally finds us at 5.00 per graft for strip, with most clinics employing a sliding scale, for sessions above 2000-2500, etc... that the cost goes down as the graft total increases.

    FUE is a bit higher, with prices ranging between 5-14 dollars per graft.

    I have had some very heated discussions about this with many who feel that if someone is willing to pay a certain price, they are willing to pay a certain price.

    Additionally, I understand that places like L.A. and N.Y. typically command higher rates, if only because the people expect to pay more in these areas, not necessarily that the work is that much better than other areas.

    Now, to my personal feelings on the matter: As a patient myself, I was amazed that after 14-16 months research, the 2 doctors I found to be at the top of EVERY list (Dr. Ron Shapiro and Dr. Jerry Wong) are actually among the low to moderate fee rates.

    I found Clinics/Chain clinics that continued to use out-dated techniques also typically charged the very highest fee amounts and often did not deliver quality results.

    I encourage people to go outside their comfort zone---come on the internet and post the quotes you got and see if other clinics are close to those fees---ask to see clear, non-shadowed photos and videos of MANY patients in your situation----at least 25-30 patients---ask to talk to previous patients and arrange to meet them in person---- at that point in time you should be able to determine if your being over-charged for the work you require.

    I hope this helps.

    Patient Advocate/FUE Coordinator for Shapiro Medical Group. My advice and opinions are my own and is not medical advice. I am a Cubs fan.


    • caresabouthairs
      Junior Member
      • Jan 2009
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      I have to butt in here as well. From all the research I've done in the past 5 years, and being a veteran of a successful hair transplant....I'd be a little scepticle...

      It doesn't matter who the transplant doc is. In my opinion...most ht doctors won't even recommend a transplant if you only need 300 to 500 grafts. Most would tell you to wait untill further hairloss occurs.

      If you do your own research, you will notice that most everyone on the internet posting before and after pics has had a surgery of at least 1000 to 3000 grafts for thier first surgery. I would say it takes at least 1000 grafts to make a noticeable difference in your hairline or crown area.

      In any event.....make sure of the following things

      1. Your doctor has plenty of before and after photos
      2. Check to see how long they have been around doing transplants and board certifications
      3. check the forums for current experience with your doc
      4. Shop around! this is going to effect you for the rest of your life...good or bad!
      5. don't go to Bosely.