5100 grafts (11788 hairs) grafts performed by Dr. Sean Behnam

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  • Sean Behnam, MD
    IAHRS Recommended Hair Transplant Surgeon
    • Apr 2011
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    5100 grafts (11788 hairs) grafts performed by Dr. Sean Behnam

    1s - 375
    2s - 2933
    3s - 1849

    This client had a class 4 hair loss. This is a special case, a transition case and the hair line needs to be more feminine. Dr. Sean performed 5100 grafts FUE equivalent to 11788 hairs. This is the results after 7 months.

    Notice the naturalness, hair line design, and the density. The density of the transplanted hair matches her own natural density. There is very nice framing of the face. This is only 7 months after and the results will get better. During the video, Dr. Sean turns the client around and using a comb, he lifts up the hair to evaluate the donor area. Please notice that the scars in the donor area are extremely small and that it still looks pretty good.

    This is an art in many ways. extraction of 5100 grafts in one session done appropriately requires such a small punch that it is made possible and also that the donor area still looks even, natural, and not patchy. When it comes to hair line, the design, the framing of the face, the placement of the grafts, (1s, 2s, 3s) also requires exquisite techniques to create a very remarkable result.

    Dr. Sean Behnam performs all the extractions himself. Dr. Sean Behnam also performs all the site creations as well. Dr. Behnam performs only one client a day.

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