Eyebrow transplant 833 by Dr. Sean Behnam

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  • Sean Behnam, MD
    IAHRS Recommended Hair Transplant Surgeon
    • Apr 2011
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    Eyebrow transplant 833 by Dr. Sean Behnam

    Graft count: 833 single hair follicles.

    This woman had significant eyebrow hairloss. She had tried tattooing without much success. Dr. Sean performed FUE eyebrow hair transplant where he individually removed grafts. 833 single hair follicles were placed at the eyebrow.

    Important things to consider are the directions of the hair follicles. They are very natural. She wanted very thick eyebrows. Over 833 grafts were placed. They frame her face very well. Despite the fact that she had significant degree of scarring from her tattoo, she still had good graft survivability. Work performed by Dr. Sean Behnam. Dr. Behnam extracted the grafts and makes the sites in a way that are very consistent.

    Work performed exclusively by Dr. Sean Behnam.
    Dr. Behnam performs only one client a day. He performs all extractions and site creations.

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    Hair restoration Los Angeles with Dr. Sean Behnam MD is a hair transplant surgeon that provides natural looking results to patients.

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