4 days post F.U.T-"How do i know if I realy got the amount of hairs which i paid for?

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  • Dave S.A
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    • Jun 2009
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    4 days post F.U.T-"How do i know if I realy got the amount of hairs which i paid for?

    Hi all

    I'm pretty new to both hair restoration and blogs. But here goes.

    Im a 34 year old, South African Male.
    I would say I am what seems to be a Norwood 3.
    I have been shaving mty head for the last few years which actualy looked great on me.
    Being the impulsive person I am, I woke up one morning two weeks ago , and decided that I'm going for the big one.
    Got on to the net did some research , learnt about F.U.T, booked at what seems to be the top clinic in S.A, and here I am today, 5 days post opp.
    I had 3200 hairs transplanted, and concentrated rather on volume of the existing hairline-which was not too high- rather than lowering it.
    I feel pretty good about my decision, but I'm growing more and more uncomfortable about a certain question
    "how do i know that I actualy recieved the amount of hairs that i paid for"
    I mean think about it, the dood could have transplanted half of that amount.
    Looking at my new head of hair, yes, i can see a substantial amount of new hair, but it just doesnt seem like 3200 hairs. Then again it could just be me.
    Any advise on how i could work this one out?
  • Dr. Glenn Charles
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    That is always a good question and I am sure many patients are thinking those same thoughts. Are you talking about 3200 hairs or 3200 grafts? These two numbers are are actually very different. In reality it would be very hard to go and count the grafts or hairs after a procedure if the grafts were placed in close proximity to each other. Especially in the hairline area were the grafts are often packed in very tightly. Hopefully you developed some sort of trust with your doctor and feel like you were dealt with in a honest manner. At this point you might as well stay positive and patient while you wait to see your results.
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