TeeJay Before & After Photos 1-Year (THANK YOU DR. McANDREWS!)

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  • TeeJay73
    Senior Member
    • Oct 2008
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    TeeJay Before & After Photos 1-Year (THANK YOU DR. McANDREWS!)


    These are my 1-year post-op photos. I had hair transplant surgery with Doctor McAndrews of the IAHRS on Feb 8, 2008. My "before" pics were taken immediately prior to my surgery, and actually show the results of one surgery of 800-grafts that I had in January of year 2000 from a large-chain hair transplant clinic (BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!). As you can see, I was a complete mess.

    Then, I found Doctor McAndrews, a ROCKSTAR of a hair transplant surgeon. With 1600 grafts, he re-established my hairline into a soft and natural look and eliminated the plugginess that I had, brought back my temporal recessions (check 'em out, they were totally gone!), and gave me a huge density bump (look at the overhead/top views). Note that my "before" pics were taken when my hair was dry and my "after" pics were taken when my hair was still a little bit wet/damp from a shower. The "after" pics are exactly 1-year post-op. I am now about 16-months post-op and my hair looks even better these days as it has matured and grown longer.


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  • Red20
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    • Dec 2008
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    Congratulations TeeJay!

    You don't look like you are losing your hair anymore.


    • bigmac
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      • Nov 2008
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      Looking great Teejay.
      For what is considered a relatively small number of grafts these days you have got a great result which looks very natural.

      Thanks for updating.