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  • Kman20
    Junior Member
    • May 2009
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    Dr. Hasson 2800 Grafts

    Hello I am a 22 year old male who just had the please of Dr. Hasson restoring my diminishing hair line. The whole experience was awsome and not painful at all. I am a medial student in philadelphia and worked in operating rooms growing up being that my father and sister are both doctors. The professionalism of the staff and the doctors are top notch compared to any surgeon I worked with. Dr. Hasson is one of a kind and is on top of the restoration world right now. I highly recommend him I have been doing extensive research since for 2 years. His techinque and staff are one of a kind and I am excited for my results. Everything from the hospital stay to the lunch served to the timing of everything in the procedure is well calculated and you can tell has been perfected over many years. This clinic is the one of the best in the world if not the best! Get your work done right I have seen too many botched photos and talked to too many people who had bad work. Dr. Hasson and Dr. Wong are unmatched right now I am glad I got mine in PLEASE DO NOT RETIRE I MIGHT NEED ANOTHER ONE IN 10 YEARS!!! ha
  • pablo
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    • Jun 2009
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    Hey Kman I am on the verge of sending off for an online consultation with Hasson and Wong. I also am 22 and need a temple work and a lowered front to frame my face. No crown work needed. Are they reluctant to work on younger people with say limittations of men that will only recede to a norwood 3 or 4?