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  • fuzzy
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    • Jan 2010
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    Starting to see the original hair in the recipient site falling out. This, of course, was explained to me before the procedure with Dr. Bolton, but I am starting to think about exactly what I can do to help cover this up until the new hairs start to grow.

    I am in the Air Force, on the medical side, which means that I do not HAVE to cut my hair in a High-and-Tight like you normally would expect from military men. I am also getting out in the next 3 months, so I think I can get by with this hair being about where it is currently.

    My main concern, now, is that of people "noticing" my hair loss up there (I would like to keep this surgery a little secret and just tell any "inquiring minds", when my hair starts getting thicker, that I started using propecia or something. But my hair loss before was barely noticeable with how I styled it so I don't want people who are later on my "myspace" page or something asking me how I got so much hair when I had been losing it.

    NOW to the question: is Topik or that Dermamatch worth using to help cover up my initial loss? are there any other products that might be more viable? I was thinking about getting some sunless tan spray or something to put on my scalp to darken it, too, but god knows.

    Any ideas/experience from you fellas on this one? Peace out suckas :P