Dr Woods doinf European tour?

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  • didi
    Senior Member
    • Nov 2011
    • 1372

    Dr Woods doinf European tour?

    ..to promote his outdated FUE thats now in 3rd decade..

    he shd go to Amsterdam and explain them how his fue is better than HST and thats why its twice as expensive

    looks like we havent moved much forward in 2 decades or so
  • kd
    • Jan 2012
    • 78


    that is a bit uncalled for. Have you meet Dr Wood? Have you seen his procedure results? I am a patient of Dr Woods and I would say he get results with no scarring.

    His the only one that stands by his work and does not get you to sign a disclaimer which silence you if the results are shit.


    • kathysmith
      Junior Member
      • Dec 2022
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