Dr. Wong in Amsterdam July 22nd through July 25th

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    Dr. Wong in Amsterdam July 22nd through July 25th

    Dr. Wong will be in Amsterdam in July for the ISHRS Conference. During his stay Dr. Wong will be happy to meet with patients that are interested in having a procedure with him. We do not have the specific date or time established but once his speaking schedule has been determined we will pick a date when he can meet up.

    For those that are interested you can email me directly at joe@hassonandwong.com. I will put you on a list of interested parties and send an email with a more specific schedule once it becomes available.

    All opinions are my own and may not necessarily be shared by Dr. Wong and/or Dr. Hasson.

    If you are interested in having an online consultation visit www.hassonandwong.ca

    To view my story and history visit my website at www.hairtransplantmentor.com