2000 grafts Dr Feriduni, Belgium

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  • beardywierdy
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    • Feb 2009
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    2000 grafts Dr Feriduni, Belgium

    I am from the UK and recently visited Dr Feriduni for hairline reconstruction.

    I flew to Belgium with Ryan air from Manchester and was picked up in a taxi, arranged by the clinic. I spent the next few hours worrying and pacing around the hotel room, not quite believing what I was about to do. I fancied a beer to calm the nerves but realised that this was out of the question due to the alcohol ban!

    I met the doctor at 8 am Monday morning and he set about designing the hairline and answering my many questions. He wanted to ensure I was fully happy with what he suggested i.e. 1800 Ė 2000 grafts Ė we decided that the hairline would not really be lowered and the gaol was to strengthen the existing line, fill in the temples and tidy up the temple angles.

    After asking him around 1000 questions, which were all patiently answered, I lay in the chair and had the strip taken (I was given something a relaxant, intravenously). After the strip was taken, the techs began dividing up the grafts ands I went for some lunch in one of the private rooms.

    He then set about making the tiny incisions where the grafts were going to be placed and the techs then placed the grafts, and Dr Feriduni would bob in and out checking everything was OK.

    I was given a bag full of things to see me through the next 2 weeks i.e. graft spray, pillow, shampoo, anti- biotics, painkillers etc and instructions regarding post-op care

    We finished around 3 ish, maybe a bit later and I was off back to the hotel in a taxi - his work was admired by the taxi driver and the Hotel staff (they all know him in Hasselt and everyone seems to be interested)

    The next day, I went for a post-op hair wash and check up by Dr Feriduni.

    All in all, the staff there were tremendous, and put me at ease immediately and I canít thank the staff and the Dr Feriduni enough.

    The Hotel was a small family run affair, with excellent food -the hotel staff are all tuned in to Dr Feriduniís work and nothing is too much trouble.

    As long as everything goes ok, I look forward to an excellent result and canít speak highly enough of Dr Feriduni and the staff.

    I am now recovering and looking forward to having the staples removed!!
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  • SpencerKobren
    • Oct 2008
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    Hey beardywierdy,

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your hair transplant experience!

    Dr. Feriduni does outstanding work and heís a very caring physician as well.
    Your photos look fantastic! Iím sure you're going to be very pleased with the result. If you have any questions from this point on please donít hesitate to post them. We have some very knowledgeable members here, and Iíd certainly help out whenever I can.

    Grow well!
    Spencer Kobren
    Founder, American Hair Loss Association
    Host, The Bald Truth Radio Show

    I am not a physician. My opinions and knowledge concerning hair loss and its treatment are based on extensive research and reporting on the subject as a consumer advocate and hair loss educator. My views and comments on the subject should not be taken as medical advice. Always seek the advice of a medical professional when considering medical and surgical treatment.


    • bigmac
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      • Nov 2008
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      Hi Beardywierdy.

      Good to see you posting your results here,the work looks very nice and once grown out will give a tremendous new hairline.

      Please keep us updated on your progress.

      Thanks bm.