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  • TomMay556
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    • Jun 2022
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    Exante reviews 2023

    How Exante reviews reveal the essence of the two types of accounts on the platform
    Although the trading platform Exante was created first of all for experienced traders and professional investors, it is also suitable for beginners. Thanks to the demo-account everyone can learn the art of trading in practice - the company deposits one million virtual euros to the account immediately after registration and then, when the reserve of funds comes to the end, allows to renew it by opening the settings of the cabinet.
    Feedback on Exante and the legal environment in which the broker operates
    The investment company Exante receives reviews for different functions of the terminal, as well as for its own regulatory policy. From three jurisdictions - UK, Cyprus, Hong Kong - it is possible to choose one most suitable for trading under the trader's expectations.
    Why use a demo account in Exante
    A demo account is an excellent feature that can be used solely according to the client's wishes and needs. Immediately after registration you can mark your intention to conduct test trades and get access to it without providing additional data and documents. At the same time Exante reviews remind that a private client or corporation can open a single multicurrency account only after providing relevant documents to the company administration.
    When Exante reviews 2023 https://scottandrew.co.uk/ talk about the features of a demo account, it is mentioned that the beauty of it is that even an unsuccessful trading operation will not hit the wallet. When describing the merits of a multi-account, however, here's what needs to be said:
    there is no need to open several accounts for different types of currencies;
    you can fund it in different currencies and all funds will be automatically converted to one type of currency;
    autoconversion can be switched off if desired!
    Reviews about Exante say that working with such an account is very convenient, just like with demo account. If with the help of the first one all trades are easily made, with the second one you can experiment with trading strategies.
    Investment company Exante reviews the trading terminal
    The list of options of the trading terminal is diverse. Clients like the catalogue of financial instruments with more than 300 thousand different positions. It is possible to trade through any of 50 major exchanges on the territory of different countries of Europe, USA, CIS and Asia. Stable connection speed is also worth mentioning, which is possible thanks to the round-the-clock work of the company's 750 servers.
    There are more than 10 operational units around the world, providing face-to-face advice in one of ten common languages. Online help can be requested for any problem encountered at any time of the day or night - the support team is always available and ready to talk.
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