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  • Stevew43
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    • Mar 2022
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    Beard transplant

    I'm in my 20s and have been thinning for a few years now. I tried a weaker version of fin and got bad side effects which sucks. Sides went away but i've heard people getting similar sides off minox so i dont think i want to risk that. I'm looking to get a SMP done found a clinic which get really natural results. Only thing is i got a weak chin, no getting around that and i cant grow beard hair in my chin area very well.

    I could really do with a beard transplant but man its gotta be natural or i dont want to risk it. The SMP guys im going with i know are the best. But theres bugger all information or consistent reviews out there for a clinic or clinician. There also really isnt many good beard results to view online. I also hear even good surgeons get mixed results.

    My hair is super thick at the back but my beard hair is less so, so i really dont know how it could look natural? I'd only need to get my chin area done to be honest and buffing up the mustashe.
    Any advice? Would be willing to fly to turkey/europe. I have a fair bit of neck hair they could use but i read somewhere that it isnt permenant.