I want to shave off my bad HT after 15 years need help

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  • Eagles21
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    • May 2022
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    I want to shave off my bad HT after 15 years need help


    Iíll save the boring details. Went under the knife when I was 26 and I have never been happy with the results. I was able to hide the damage for many years. Iím tired of the headache . I have a small FUT scar that I can camouflage with dermmatch and I feel ok with it. Itís not perfect but whatever.

    However, my recipient site has some minor pitting and Cobblestoning I see under certain lights. I get that is not going to be perfect .

    Iím thinkIng about shaving my head with a 0 blade and being done with this nightmare after 15 years. I am worried that the skin underneath isnít going to tan. Has anyone dealt with this ?

    I have an olive complexion but Iím not sun bathing or anything like that where I get really dark. I try to avoid the sun these days but still tan slightly . I feel like Iím pretty pale in the winter months. I donít want an obvious color discrepancy in the summer if I decide to shave down.

    Also, will a laser smooth out the skin? I rather avoid that if I I could . Thanks