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    RA 119 - Result/repair/interesting pics

    Pt Nickname - RA 119

    History : He had undergone an unsatisfactory hair transplant from some other clinic before visiting us.

    Before pictures:

    He is now happy with the results and plans more hair transplants.

    Graft Details :slight_smile:
    Scalp - 4193
    Beard - 1884
    Total grafts - 6077

    Wrongly transplanted grafts in temples -
    Immediately after extraction (temple area)

    Interesting points :

    1. Beard hair extraction sites after healing (no visible scarring)

    2. Wrong graft extraction from temples (no visible scarring)

    3. Extra volume by 1884 beard grafts to head.

    Future plan :

    Filling the crown (using scalp & beard grafts)
    Removing remaining wrongly put grafts in temple.
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