Result after 6 months Dr.Bircan hair clinic

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  • Daniyar
    Junior Member
    • Jul 2022
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    Result after 6 months Dr.Bircan hair clinic

    Hello everyone. i want to share with you my story of hair transplantation. I suffered from hair loss much, as it seemed to me i'm getting old and i wasn't as confident in myself as earlier.. i know that many of you understand these feelings... i tried some medicines but nothing helped, actually. And i decided to have a hair transplantation. I spoke to several clinics, but chose dr. Bircan hair clinic in Istanbul. They have both FUE and DHI methods, and the prices are reasonable, as dr. Bircan is one of the best doctors in Turkey. By the way, he opened me the channels himself and I was sure that i'm in good hands of a professional. I was transplanted 2970 grafts FUE method.
    Everything was positive from the beginnig. Manager was in touch with me 24/7 in whatsapp. I had several questions and got all the help whenever i texted. Transfer met me in the airport and took me to the hotel, it was very comfortable as i don't know turkish language. The clinic was only 1 minute from the hotel and i felt all the support through the surgery. It took quite long, 5 or 6 hours, but the result was worth it. I have full density now and feel so good. By the way, I was and continue to be in touch with Dr.Bircan clinic as they see my results every month and helped me a lot during healing period. I am 100% happy with my result, with Dr. Bircan's professional work, his team, the price, hotel.. everything. So excited. Feel free to text me guys if you have any doubts!
    I'm attaching my photos below. How i was before, then how did i look right after the surgery ( the funny one, i had a swelling for a couple of days). then 1-2-3-4 months after surgery, and then how i look today ( 6 months after surgery)
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  • laopanaoma6
    • Jun 2023
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    Now that I am fully dense, I feel fantastic. concrete driveways christchurch