Two consultations, two opposing opinions?

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  • JFR
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    • Jul 2022
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    Two consultations, two opposing opinions?

    I'm currently a NW5, on regaine (tried propecia 15 years ago and it didnt agree with me). For a long time I was resigned to just living with hair loss and going short when the time came.

    In recent years my loss has passed the point where I can have any hairline. And that lack of anything framing my face completely changes my appearance. I have a few family members that have had transplants and the results have been a lot better then i'd expected. So I decided to explore the option for myself.

    I had a consult with Dr Ball (Maitland) in Nov and the outcome was promising. Good availability of Donor, lots of 3-4s and no obvious signs the donor was susceptible to DHT.

    I decided it would be prudent to have a second consult and Bisanga was in London in Feb so his assistant was kind enough to keep me in mind and book me a slot.

    It was a relatively short consult (10min) and the advice was completely the opposite:

    - Lower then average donor density
    - Higher then average levels of miniaturisation in the donor area.
    - High demand (NW5/6) which concurs with Dr Ball.

    Based on the above Bisanga didnít feel I was a good candidate.

    There has been around 3 months between the consults (due to Omnicron making it unfeasible to travel to Belgium). But I wouldnít think things could have changed that quickly?

    These are both reputable Surgeons, so I donít thing itís a case of either being driven by anything other then whatís best for the patient.

    I didn't want a transplant over summer anyway, so I took some time to think. But a few months on the idea is still on my mind, so figured time to give this some more though.

    In short Iím now confused and not sure what to do next. Third consult? With who?

    Go with Maitland. Or just give up on the idea.

    Any help/advice greatly appreciated.
  • JFR
    Junior Member
    • Jul 2022
    • 3

    Can anyone recommend another surgeon (preferably in the UK) where I could get a third consult. Only looking at reputable surgeons with a good reputation with FUE for NW5.