3500 grafts FUE hair transplant in With Turkeymed clinic in Turkey

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  • Happyman1980
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    • Jul 2022
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    3500 grafts FUE hair transplant in With Turkeymed clinic in Turkey

    I just had FUE hair transplants done at Turkeymed in Istanbul, and I felt it would be helpful to relate my experience there as well as the outcomes. I was extremely intrigued because I liked the method in which communications were handled, and I enjoyed how they described all of the intricacies, particularly since I knew that my donor region is not so perfect, and so I wanted to make sure that my hair was not damaged in the donation area.

    The number of grafts I had is 3500 Grafts

    Operation Technique: FUE

    Operation Period: 7 hours

    Operation Cost: 1800$

    I was in contact with them for a few months before I made my final decision, and when I went there, I met the team, and they made a full plan for my hair, focusing on my donor area, and they did some signs to not get a lot of grafts from some places because, as I previously stated, my hair there is not perfect.
    After the consultation, they took some blood for testing and plasma, then they shaved my head, which was a really bad feeling. They told me that the operation would be done under local anesthesia, and the anesthesia injections were horrible. They were only 5 minutes long, but they were extremely painful. The nice thing is that when the anesthesia worked, I didn't feel anything during the extraction phase.
    After lunch, the surgeon drew a hair line and asked me about the shape I wanted, and then they began to open the channels after giving me local anesthesia on the top side. The final step was putting the grafts inside the channels, which was the longest step. They put those grafts one by one, and I began to feel pain in my donor area and became extremely tired in the last 2 hours.
    All of the medical staff and medical consultants were assisting me in maintaining a positive attitude by chatting to me and joking with me. They were quite helpful, but this procedure is extremely time-consuming. We began surgery at 9 a.m. and concluded about 4 p.m.
    After the procedure, they gave me some prescriptions to take (antibiotics, pain relievers, anti-swelling medication, and aspirin). They drove me to the hotel and instructed me to relax for the night; to be honest, the first night was a nightmare.
    The next day, they took me back to the clinic, removed the bandage, and cleaned my hair. Everything was fine. The good things I encountered were: - They are very organized, everything is done like a system, and everyone knows what he/she has to do - Medical Team and all staff were very friendly, they laughed and tried to speak in English, thank goodness there were translators to assist me - They had a long time to prepare my donation location and how they would extract the grafts from there, which is why I am pleased.
    - The hotel is quite near to the clinic.
    The only negative was the surgery time; otherwise, everything went excellent, and I am really delighted with my hair transplant so far; it was just a month ago, but I believe the results will be fantastic in the following six months.
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  • Happyman1980
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    • Jul 2022
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    I would like to share with you guys my new pictures after 4 months of the surgery

    I am really happy about it and waiting for more density as they told me in the next 4-6 months
    but till now it`s great results more than my expectations 🤩🤩🤩

    Thank you Turkeymed for your great work

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