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  • James11
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    • Jun 2022
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    Beard transplant review Jean Devroye

    Back in July 2021 I had a hair transplant done with Jean Devroye for 8800 euros, and at the same time he was to complete a beard transplant which was originally done by a turkish surgeon which left bumps on my face and doubles/triples were used by the surgeon, which looked unnatural

    • Devroye said such a procedure shouldn't leave any bumps and that the turkish surgeon used oversized grafts and didn't implant them deep enough, and said he could fix it by removing the bad grafts and re-implanting them properly and then complete the transplant, and that I would have no visible scars as a result.
    • He also said for the multi-grafts on my face, he could split them into smaller grafts and replant them as single grafts
    • I'll save the hair transplant review for a different topic, this one is for the beard transplant. I would mention though that after the 3rd month he stopped contacting me asking for progress on the hair transplant and said he thinks it looks great

    Surgery July 2021:
    • He used the harvesting tool, his technicians pulled and re-placed the grafts
    • Many of the worst larger bumps became smaller bumps
    • He removed doubles and triples from my face, but just put them back on my face in different locations
    • He placed new hairs on the face to complete the beard transplant

    About 10 days after the surgery I went back to the clinic as I was still in Belgium and said I noticed bumps at the base of the hairs when the scabs came off, he said I needed to be patient and to give it time.

    November 2021
    • I contacted him saying I noticed multi-grafts on my face and that I wanted no multi grafts on my face as they look unnatural, and there were still bumps remaining.
    • I was given an estimate of 450 for surgery in December 2021 as it was about 110 bad grafts to be fixed
    • I said I only wanted all the bumps and multiple grafts fixed, and no additional hairs placed.

    Surgery December 2021
    • I noticed that during the surgery he removed hairs which were normal and had nothing to do with any previous surgeries and put them back in different places
    • He also removed the doubles and triples and then put back on my face in different places once again

    • The €450 estimate jumped to €1,292 because he said he needed to extract and place more hairs than originally planned. After i complained and showed pictures of how he's removed hairs from places that had nothing to do with any previous surgery he reduced it to €968

    January 2022
    In January I asked for a repair, complaining I still had bumps and that he just replaced the multigrafts back on my face. he replied saying he thinks it's fine and that I could just grow a beard out to cover the bumps left by the surgery

    May 2022
    We spoke again in May, and he said
    • He said wants €750-1000 and that he thinks that he can make me happy and meet my expectations after another surgery.
    • I said that I'm not sure I'm happy to pay to have the same work performed for a 3rd time. He said he has followed all correct procedures and protocols so he won't do a repair

    Obviously my concern is that after giving him another €1000 I'm still going to have bumps on my face, and that he won’t honour his own guarantee and twice he has removed and re-placed multi-grafts on my face

    June 2022
    After I said I would not be happy to pay to have the same word done a third time and I’d like a repair, he replied saying he would not be happy to operate on me again

    • Although the worst bumps improved with the first surgery, I still had bumps on my face at the base of the transplanted hairs (some of them were new and from his own transplanted hairs and not from the first surgeon)
    • The 2nd surgery did little and I still had bumps on my face - he also extracted a number of completely normal hairs and just placed them back
    • He put back doubles and triples on my face for both surgeries after I said multiple times didn't want them there – I suspect he did this just to save time and get the surgery over with quicker, or maybe he thought I wouldn’t notice
    • After refusing a repair and realizing I wasn’t happy to pay to have the same work done a 3rd time, he refused to see me again