Gene Therapy for Hairloss is available now

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    Gene Therapy for Hairloss is available now

    The Gene Therapy for Hairloss

    We are glad to offer the latest research based Gene Therapy to our patients.

    Why is it gene therapy ?

    Gene therapy : When a product or process is used to influence/modify the expression of a gene.
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    Gene Expression: It is the process by which information from gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product that enables it to produce end gene products, protein or non-coding RNA and ultimately affect a phenotype.

    Regulation of gene expression (gene regulation), includes a wide range of mechanisms that are used by cells to increase or decrease the production of specific gene products (proteins or RNA ).
    The following molecules :

    NMN (Nicotinamide Mono Nucleotide)
    Grape seed Extract
    act on the genes to modify their expression.
    NMN provides NAD for the stem cells of the hair follicle to multiply. (As with live humans, where a person with adequate/high levels of NAD doesn’t notice physical effects after taking NMN, similarly only stem cells lacking in NAD take up the extra NAD and restart their normal multiplication).

    NMN is taken orally and improves skin quality too.
    It is used intradermally by us to boost hair growth safely and effectively.

    Resveratrol and Fisetin, when used intradermally, act on keratinocytes of hair follicles inducing increased expression of TERT (Telomerase reverse transcriptase) .

    TERT signals the stem cells of hair follicle to multiply, thus, pushing the hair into anagen (growth) phase.

    Fisetin also acts on senile/senescent cells in the hair follicle, killing them.*

    Proanthocyanidins from Grapeseed extract promote proliferation of the mouse hair follicle.

    Thus, these molecules, NMN , Resveratrol, Grapeseed extract and Fisetin act at the genetic level to induce hair stem cells to multiply.

    This is Gene therapy at the basic, safe level.
    We will be working on the more advanced forms and will inform about them at the suitable time.

    These molecules (NMN, Resveratrol,& Grapeseed extract) are considered safe.
    Used alone or in combination, these products help shift the miniaturizing/thinning hair from telogen (resting phase) to anagen (growth phase).
    Thus, affecting the hair phenotype from dull thinning hair to its former healthier hair.

    Our efforts have been focussed on applying the research findings into clinical setting successfully. The difficulties in replicating the research’s positive effects lie in :

    Transplanting the molecules (NMN, Resveratrol etc…)

    In a suitable medium

    To the desired target location

    At the optimum frequency

    At the correct dose.

    Thereafter, it was important to follow-up on the improvements in hair growth. This was done by

    The hair pull test

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    - Hair length diameter & growth speed improvement (essentially looking for shift in the hair from telogen to anagen)
    - Asking for patient’s feedback (all patients noticed greatly reduced hairfall in terms of hair in comb/brush, on towel & on pillow in 8 weeks or before).
    This has good prognosis for Telogen Effluvium of all etiology including post Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy.

    We use our proprietary blend of these molecules at 0.75mm to 1.5mm depth in the dermis using various modalities (we found Dermaroller/Dermastamp to be the easiest & consistent method in a clinical as well as home use setting).
    We, therefore, introduce these novel Gene Therapy solutions for hair thinning & hairloss problems.

    Precautions: While most of these molecules are safe, we advise caution in pregnant and lactating females who are advised to avoid these therapies.

    Changes seen at cellular level :
    - NMN & Grapeseed extract induce increased proliferation/multiplication in the stem cells of thinning/miniaturizing hair follicles (and in the hair in forced telogen phase).
    - Resveratrol & Fisetin increases TERT levels in the skin & increase rapidly multiplying Ki67+ cells around the hair follicle. These stimulate the stem cells in the hair bulge area to start multiplying.
    They also protect the niche of stem cells in the bulge area of hair follicle, thus, effectively reversing the hairloss process.

    Stated simply, all these products when introduced in vicinity of the stem cells of hair follicle, “make the hair young again”.
    Most, if not all these molecules are considered safe. Some, like NMN & Glutathione, are actually made in body but decrease with age.
    Ca AKG is the next molecule of interest along with Glutathione & Apigenin.
    Glutathione being the master antioxidant of body (with known skin benefits) has potential in –
    1. Use for immersing hair follicle in glutathione to encourage better & early growth of transplanted grafts(with minimal oxidative damage)
    2. Protecting hair from a variety of oxidative stress. CaAKG (an AMPK inhibitor) has shown potential to reverse hair greying. Many humans using it around the world have shared anecdotal reports of their “greying hair turning back dark”.
    Research has already shown that in mice fed CaAKG, not only live fit for life; they retain a dark, shiny & healthy fur all through their lifespan (while control rats , without Ca AKG, not only developed hairloss/furloss but also greying/whitening and overall unhealthy appearance of the fur).
    We are studying this molecule for use in intradermal modality.
    CaAKG meanwhile is available for oral intake for those with premature or early hair greying.

    The next 2 phases of gene therapy that are under study/research:
    1. Delivering select proteins/RNA made by genes directly in blood stream. These include potent stem cell differentiators (helping stem cells complete their differentiation to the desired tissue type). Humans using them have noticed improved age reversal & better hair regrowth. But more results are awaited.
    2. Injecting RNA/gene material through intravenous/intranasal route.
    While the above maybe even more effective way to reverse hairloss & skin ageing, it requires safety studies that are being conducted.
    Watch this space for more news.

    Topic of interest : Sirtuin gene and sirtuin activating products.
    Sirtuin genes are responsible for repairing our body, thus, preventing us from growing old.
    To be able to activate sirtuin genes is one of our focus.

    We stay committed to providing you the latest, cutting edge treatments direct from the research labs to you in a safe & reliable manner.

    Welcome to the world of Gene Therapy for your hair & skin.

    (These supplements and serum are available at )

    Disclaimer – The therapies are based latest research (Link is available for your reading ). We do not claim/promise any results.
    These can be considered experimental therapies at this time.
    Please read the research literature.
    Read the research at-

    Resveratrol for hair

    Stem cell escape -
    Stem cell escape video :
    Grapeseed extract benefits for hair :

    Fisetin for hair

    Read research :

    NMN research –
    Read research :
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    Gene therapy is a technique that modifies a person’s genes to treat or cure disease.(

    Gene expression When a gene is turned on and its RNA or protein product is being made, the gene is said to be expressed. The on/off state of cells is called a gene expression profile, with each cell type having a unique profile
    I am not a Physician.
    My opinions need not be shared by Dr. Arvind Poswal.
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    It's worth noting that the field of regenerative medicine, including gene therapy, is rapidly evolving, and physical therapy Studio City there may have been developments since my last update. It's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional for the most current information on treatments for hair loss.