Limited donor area help for 2nd sitting, feedback needed

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  • rightonpoint
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    • Mar 2022
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    Limited donor area help for 2nd sitting, feedback needed


    My case looks complex because I don't have enough donor area to cover my bald patch as well a bit of correction on frontal hairline.

    In order to tackle my best, my plan is to:
    • I might want to prioritize first on my half upper crown and then if left, frontal hairline and then the rest taken care of by SMP.
    • I usually like to keep buzz hair on lower sides just like undercut, please refer to my old pics under folder "buzz_hair_I_keep" inside the folder "donor_area"
    • I might need to get some SMP combination in my case but not sure.
    • Combination technique like FUT+FUE+Beard may extract more instead of just FUE+Beard

    The objective is to go to single run doctor clinic and to go for in-person clinical analysis with the following surgeons. And then whomever doctor explains the things that sounds more logical to me, who paid more attention to my design requirements, coverage and future expectations. I will go with that doctor.

    Here is the list of shortlisted surgeons

    • Medispa Dr. Suneet Soni, Jaipur
    • Darlingbuds, Dr. Tejinder bhatti,
    • Eugenix, Delhi ( I am aware of high end packages where Dr. Bansal or Dr. Sethi operates but I cannot afford those high tier package and I am not sure about the other doctors)
    • Medlinks Dr. Gaurang Krishna, Delhi

    Here are the pics
    To see FULL-HD, comb through donor area, please go to “donor_area” folder
    To see my old pics, buzz cut, undercut I used to keep, go to “old_pics_buzz_hair”
    To see, before/after 1st sitting pics, go to “1st_HT_sitting_past”

    Medications I am taking:
    • Currently on [chekfall-F topical- Contains Minoxidil (5 %w/v) + Finasteride (0.1 %w/v)] (1.25 ml at night only once) and Follihair multivitamin (once a day)
    • Not feeling like having any side effects at all with above topical solution
    • Just started on 20th April 2022, biotin 10000 mcg once a day after dinner (Ingredients per softgel: Gelatin (Bovine/Porcine), Glycerin, Purified Water, Soybean Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Yellow Beeswax)

    Looking forward to your feedback on surgeons and overall opinions.

    Thanks in advance