Scabs/Crust on Scalp 2 months after Surgery

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  • Brandonny1
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    • Apr 2022
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    Scabs/Crust on Scalp 2 months after Surgery

    Hi itís been 2 months since my surgery. Yesterday when washing my head I noticed scabbing/crust in my crown area. I tried washing it out but it was hard and I had to put pressure to get the scabs off but with the scabs were attached hairs/grafts. Can this making the grafts not grow in since hairs were pulled out with the scabs/crust? Iíve attached a pic of what some of them looked like.
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  • RahalHairTransplant
    Doctor Representative
    • Nov 2021
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    Honestly, I wouldnít be concerned about this. The new transplanted hair follicles are tightly secured one week after the procedure. I know personally from undergoing several hair transplants myself that sometimes weird scabs can appear on the scalp for seemingly no reason. Usually this occurs around the time that new hair is beginning to grow.

    What happens to some people is that pimples form on the scalp and sometimes these pimples will pop as the new hair is beginning to grow. As this occurs, it may bleed a little bit turning into a scab. This sometimes happens overnight or what seems like all of the sudden so that when you wake up in the morning you see a scab on your head and you have no idea where it came from. This has happened to me many times during the beginning phases of my hair transplant right before the new hairs begin to sprout.

    So rest assured, what you are experiencing is not a lost graft and itís very likely a sign that new transplanted hair will begin to sprout soon.

    Best wishes,

    Rahal Hair Transplant