2nd Transplant on a budget: Help me find the best clinic pls!

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  • Chilifighter
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    • Mar 2022
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    2nd Transplant on a budget: Help me find the best clinic pls!

    Hello everyone this is my very first post
    I am 32 years old - Been on finasteride for the past 3 years - Just resumed Minoxidil.

    I had my first transplant in Turkey in 2017. It was done by Clinicana and I think they did a semi decent job considering its an hair mill.
    They said they implanted me around 3k grafts ( I do think it was a significant smaller number more like 2k)

    I am now researching for my second transplant and would like to do things properly.

    My max budget is 5k Euros and I live in Europe could you please advise me a good clinic?

    Clinics I have contacted so far:
    Hair of Istanbul (Not interested)
    Now Hair Time (Not interested)
    Ozlem Bicer (Too expensive - Cannot afford 7k Euros)
    AEK Clinic by Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz (I was tempted due to his involvement in ABHRS - ISHRS but decided not to move forward)
    Eugenix (Cannot afford 7k Euros)

    I am seriously considering AHD by DR. Hakan Dogonay ( I can only afford the package with his assistants ) Why I think he's good?
    - They were the only ones to offer to split the surgery in 2 days for optimal results
    - They perform only 2 transplants a day (1 by the DR one by Tecnithians)
    - Good price ( I know is not all about the price !)
    - I've seen lots of good results online

    I am currently awaiting for DR Yaman reply. and Dr.Sikos Hajbeültetés.

    Could please advise me some affordable & safe clinics in Europe?
    Also how many grafts do you think I'll need?
    Will I be able to achieve a good density?
    I still have hair in my mild scalp is there a risk of shock loss - Will I benefit from a transplant or do more harm?

    Thanks everyone!