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  • Msmithatkins
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    • Mar 2022
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    Turkey Hair Academy DHI 4000

    I found the clinic on Instagram, I liked the work, I decided to write and find out about the prices and the nearest date when it is possible to perform the operation! The translator immediately answered me, arranged the date, so I got ready for Istanbul in one evening, bought plane tickets and paid extra for a couple of days of staying at the hotel, because I wanted to see Istanbul. Yes, the clinic offers a very good hotel with all amenities, moreover, if you decide to stay longer in Istanbul, the price of the room will be lower for you. Upon arrival, we were transferred to the hotel. Istanbul airport is very large and you can get lost in it, fortunately, Sercan, the translator, was in touch all the time and helped find a way to the transfer that took us to the hotel. There were some difficulties in the hotel, but this is not the fault of the clinic. The rude girl at the reception, who does not speak English well,but we immediately contacted Sercan about the problems and immediately all issues were resolved, we settled in perfectly and went for a walk around Istanbul on the first evening. In the morning, a transfer was waiting for us at the hotel, which took us to the clinic. There we met Sercan and other doctors. The doctors were very kind and friendly. They allowed me to walk a bit, go to the toilet and eat! By the way, the food is also very good! The operation took a long time, about 4 thousand grafts were transplanted to me. We started in the morning and finished in the evening, all this time Sercan was with us, who encouraged us and at the same time told us about the life of Istanbul, advised a tourist route, talked about where you can buy food, exchange money cheaper, etc. I don't even know what we would do without him!

    After the operation, we were given the necessary medicines and a transfer was already waiting for us, which took us to the hotel. The night went great, and the next morning we were ready to go to wash our hair. We were also taken by a transfer, they washed my hair and gave me a set of cosmetics. Sercan explained how to use it and told about further care. Then we asked Sercan to talk with the driver so that he would take us not to the hotel, but to the Hagia Sophia. Of course, we were taken there without any problems. Then we walked around Istanbul ourselves and enjoyed the trip. On the day of departure home, we were again waiting for a transfer from the clinic, which took us to the airport.

    I express my gratitude to the clinic for the transplant, everything went great! Special thanks to Sercan, he is just a good person who made staying in Istanbul much better and easier! You will be very lucky if you get to him!