One Year Progress-Doctor Bircan 4460 Grafts

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  • malcolm755
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    • Feb 2022
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    One Year Progress-Doctor Bircan 4460 Grafts

    Hello everyone!
    To be honest, I am not a fan of long texts, so I will briefly describe my situation:

    Now I am 25. Active baldness began at the age of 19. Previously, I have always combed I hair to one side, because I liked the way it looked, but at the age of 22 I began to notice something was wrong ...

    on 03/01/2021, I had an operation at Dr. Bircan's clinic.

    The operation took 8 hours, but it felt like 1 hour, because, I have been dreaming of a hair transplant for a long time.

    The progress after hair transplantation was like everyone else's, nothing unusual, except that the small amount of hair for 6 months after transplantation in the frontal area was concerning.

    Showing this photo to the clinic, Doctor has assured me that 6 months is too short for my hair type and I need to wait at least 1 year.
    Also, I was reassured by the fact that the clinic, they would help me out if anything was discomforting after a year as well. So with my mind at ease, I started to wait final results.

    Exactly 1 year has passed. There really was more hair in the problematic areas, I photographed the exact style with the same comb that I did BEFORE hair transplantation.
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  • kasper
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    • Jun 2022
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    What’s the name of the clinic?