Dr. Lindsey UTAH consultations Jan 29 and 30

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  • Dr. Lindsey
    IAHRS Recommended Hair Transplant Surgeon
    • Dec 2008
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    Dr. Lindsey UTAH consultations Jan 29 and 30

    Its time for our yearly venture to ski. As usual..if you are already a patient of ours and want me to buy you a lift ticket to ski a run or 2 with us...contact the office.

    And I'm happy to do preliminary evaluations like I do every year if you're considering a hair transplant with us.

    Finally, we'll do the usual ski challenge at snowbird friday jan 28...meaning if you're our patient and you want to ski a challenging run better than I can....and that gets easier to beat me every year...you can save 1000.00 on any service we offer. The ski off is judged my the rest of our group.

    2 years ago, a female as awarded a tie and got 500.00.

    To book a visit or hook up for the ski off, please call the office and Wendy will set you up.

    Dr. Lindsey
    William Lindsey, MD
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