Eternal Hair - $6k FUE procedure in NJ. Any references?

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  • JJacobs152
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    • May 2011
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    Eternal Hair - $6k FUE procedure in NJ. Any references?

    Has anybody heard of EternalHair? I reside in NJ & saw a billboard where theyíre advertising a 2,000 graft FUE procedure for $6k. That parallels with the similar cost of going to Turkey but you get the added benefit of being stateside.

    Iím not a spammer as you can look up my previous posts as Iíve been here a very long time. Any insight would be appreciated.

    Edit: forgot the site URL which is below. Doing a quick Google search the physician isnít a hair specialist but rather an anesthesiologist that specialized in Pain Mgmt and is now a ďcosmetic doctorĒ. Would this be of concern to anybody?

    Are You Looking For Hair Transplant and Aesthetic Procedures in New Jersey? Contact Eternal Hair & Esthetics to Get The Consultation.
  • rswils
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    • Aug 2022
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    I saw the same sign this past weekend. Never heard of them and am anxious to know how good they are. I went on their website and everything looked kosher. I didn't see any reference to the $6k billboard posting though. I'd love to know the deal here.