Greg Doucette Discusses His Hair Transplant

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  • JoeTillman
    • Jul 2014
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    Greg Doucette Discusses His Hair Transplant

    I took some time to create a reaction video to Greg Doucette's explanation for why he had a hair transplant in Turkey. Check it out!

    Joe Tillman
    The original Hair Transplant Mentor

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  • Mountinvan
    Junior Member
    • Jan 2009
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    Joe--as usual, you were fair and balanced. I think if there was a quid pro quo it should have been disclosed. Mind you I see nothing wrong with an informative, promotional video but be transparent---especially if you are an influencer that chants the mantra of research and full disclosure. Very appropriate that you did this response. If other clinics are doing the same type of promotion with influencers let us know so we can be more educated. I realize everyone is entitled to make a living and fly business class if they can afford it. Nothing wrong with that---but be upfront on whether someone is footing the bill and potentially influencing financially your reporting.