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    Review of Dr. Lindsey

    If you are like me words mean little, it is the pictures that mean the most!

    I have included plenty of pictures to help illustrate my story and I will offer a brief narrative as well.

    I started to lose my hair about 8 years ago, it happened fast, and it made me very uncomfortable. Eventually, I just shaved my head because I felt that the thinning look was worse than bald, however, neither made me happy, but shaving my head gave me some semblance of control.

    Last August I started looking, although I was very doubtful because by now I had been shaving my head or using a size one trimmer for years. I decided to do some research, just in case, and during my research, I found that Dr. Lindsey kept coming up so decided to go see him to see if there was anything that could be done.

    I saw Dr. Lindsey for the first time on November 2nd, 2021. During the consultation I felt that he was very direct and honest; I felt a connection to him and Wendy, so much so that I actually booked a procedure for December 22nd, on the day of my visit.

    On the day of the procedure, I was worried, I told him I did not want to look like a doll, that I would rather just keep shaving my head than draw attention to what bothered me most by having a bad transplant. Dr. Lindsey and Wendy assured me things were fine and we moved forward.

    I had swelling for about a week. The pain was a non-issue, in fact, I never used any of the paid medicine. I was diligent about cleaning at home, following instructions, and coming in each day for a week, even Xmas morning, for my office cleaning.

    All the hair fell out, I was told this would happen.

    By April the hair was growing, I was shocked by how great it looked.

    My first procedure was the front, I scheduled another for the middle/back in April, and last week, on December 20th I went back for number two.

    Once again the pain was a non-issue, I needed none of the prescribed pain meds. I went in daily for 5 days for my cleaning and was diligent on cleaning at home per the instructions. The swelling was much less this time, in fact, this time I had very little if any swelling, probably because I was better about keeping my head elevated.

    Today is exactly a week from my surgery, things look great!

    I will update with more pictures as the year progresses.

    I can not recommend Dr. Lindsey highly enough!!

    I am thrilled with his work and I am amazed almost daily at how I have gone from basically bald to what I have now. In June, after procedure two has had time to grow, I know with certainty that nobody would believe I was ever bald, the work done by Dr. Lindsey and Wendy is that exceptional.

    If anyone has any questions I am happy to answer by phone or email, and if you'd like to facetime to see the results, I am happy to do that saw well.*

    My email is,

    Just email me and we can set up a Facetime call or I am happy to meet at Dr. Lindsey's as well if you'd like to see my results in person.*

    Please take a look at the pictures, they tell the story better than anything I can write.

    The last two pictures are taken today, 7 days since my 2nd procedure. The red markup are the areas that we concentrated on with this procedure.
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