Two Clinics - Two Different Approaches - Help!

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  • Matt26uk
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    • Oct 2021
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    Two Clinics - Two Different Approaches - Help!


    I have been wanting a hair transplant for about 8 years now but after a lot of research I waited and tried other options first. I have been on finasteride for 5 years now and this has really stopped the hair loss/thinning.

    I am in my late thirties and my hair is NW2 with the front/sides (widows peak) noticeable and thin hair on the top and crown area. I do feel like itís a good time to have a hair transplant so I am going to take the plunge. I have talked to many clinics in London (where I live) and I have narrowed it down to two top clinics - but what has thrown me is they are both telling me contradicting things - this has made me more confused and I am not sure who is right.

    One clinic (lets call it Clinic A) has said my donor area is about 3k grafts and they wouldnít go near the hair on top and only do 850 grafts for the front/sides (widows peak area). They said they would only put hair on bald parts and they would not go near hair that is thinning, this will cause shock loss and over the next 5 years or more the transplanted hair will take more blood away from your original hair as it is stronger and your original hair will fall out making the transplant pointless. Apparently my hair is the worst to help, because I have hair already its hard for them to fill in the gaps and its better to only have hair transplant when you have lost your hair. They said to save your donor hair for later on in life.

    The other clinic (lets call this Clinic B) has said my donor area is about 4k grafts and they would use about 1,800 grafts for the front/sides (widows peak area) and come through to the middle/top of my head (behind where the island is forming). They said that you can put hair next to original hair and they do it all the time (as do all surgeons that do hair transplant) and were very confused about that comment made from clinic A. This would give me more hair at the front to style and a little bit more density on the top.

    I have done a lot of research in to both clinics, spoken to the surgeons more than once, spoken to people who have used the clinics Ė they are both very good clinics but I am so confused as to why they both have different opinions and which one is correct?

    I obviously want to fill my hair out as much as I can but I donít want to do that and 5 years later my natural hair falls out making the transplant on the top pointless.

    Any ones have any information is this would be very helpful.