I saw a tragic hair transplant today!

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  • PayDay
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    • Nov 2008
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    I saw a tragic hair transplant today!

    I was on the Subway this morning and there was a guy who couldn't have been older than 30 with one of the most obvious hair transplants that I have ever seen. The hairs were doll like and set far apart. They were put in obvious symmetrical rows and the hair line was practically a strait line. This was a young guy, he couldn't have had it done too long ago. He was wearing a business suit so I guess he can't wear a hat to cover-up, but it was so sad to see this. I wanted to tell him about the show and this site but I didn't have the heart to ruin his day. Is it possible that this type of poor work is still being performed and in New York City of all places?? I should have taken a picture, it was so bad!
  • gillenator
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    • Dec 2008
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    Although it is extremely rare to see being done today, there are probably some quacks still performing open donor HTs, plugs. I have seen too many of these guys over the past 28 years and yes you do really feel for them.
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