Possible to lower your hairline after a transplantation?

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  • GoodFellas
    • Jan 2010
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    Possible to lower your hairline after a transplantation?

    Hi guys.

    I'm thinking about doing an transplantation next summer (July 2011). I would want to have a hairline that is as low as when I was 16-17 (I'm 21 and have began balding), however, is it possible to take regular hair transplatation (about 2000-2500 grafs) and then come back to add a lower hairline?
  • Plum
    • Jan 2009
    • 57

    You can transplant hair anywhere you like since the follicles will grow wherever they are planted. However, with the progressive nature of hair loss, and the limited supply of donor hair, you are not likely to get a hairline like the one you had at 16 or 17. (Nevermind that this often looks strange on men, particularly as they get older...)

    Any ethical hair transplantation doctor will not transplant a "juvenile" hairline on you. If you can imagine yourself potentially losing more hair as time marches on, you are spreading grafts over a much larger surface area and you won't have the density you will desire. This is certainly why you are better off achieving a higher density, but with a higher hairline.

    I wish you luck with your future transplant if you decide to go that route!


    • mattj
      Doctor Representative
      • Oct 2009
      • 1422

      It's possible to undergo a second procedure to lower the hairline if you feel that you didn't go low enough the first time, if that's what you're asking.

      I'm curious why you're talking about "coming back". Depending on how advanced your hairloss is now, there's no reason why you won't get the results you are looking for in one procedure.
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