1st consultation, need advice!

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    Junior Member
    • Jan 2010
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    1st consultation, need advice!

    Hello yall, im going to my first consultation in a few days and i need help making a questions list.

    Im goin for an FUE consultation and i want to make sure i have all the right questions...

    I know there are a lot of veterans here so please help me with my list?

    btw-im in japan and this is the only place that had a doctor on the ISHRS, anyone have experience here?
  • Winston
    • Mar 2009
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    I would only have FUE with an IAHRS doctor and would probably avoid surgery with an unknown doctor in Japan.

    Questions I would ask:

    How long has the doctor been performing fue?
    How many fue procedures does he personally perform per year?
    Does he extract all grafts?
    What size instrument does he use?
    Does he use any kind of automated instruments?
    if so which one and for how long?
    Was he trained by any of the well known US fue surgeons like Dr. Cole or Dr. Feller?