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  • ocme
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    • Feb 2010
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    new and need advice

    My research has lead me to 2 choices for a hair procedure. I am 45 and still have some of my hairline though it needs to be considerably bolstered. My thinning areas are behind my hairline in the temporal area and some crown. I have had consults and most say that i will need 2500- 3500. So the million dollar question is, who do you think would be better choice between Dr Hasson and Dr. Bauman. I really want something that will look natural.

  • the B spot
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    • Jan 2009
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    I think you have to weigh how you feel...once you narrow your choices down to 2-3 doctors, I have found that seeing patients in person often tips the balance one way or the other.

    You should factor in overall patient/public sentiment regarding the results/practices of a clinic, then determine if price and location are determinative and go forward. It would seem easy when choosing between 2 good clinics, but it is still tough.

    Good Luck!!!
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