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    Looking for a general consensus amongst Docs

    Hello guys. This is my first post on this forum. I JUST underwent a procedure of 6500 hairs (grafts?) at PAI medical just outside of Nashville. The staff is awesome and almost like a family to me already, and the docs are more than willing to answer any questions. However, there are a few questions I have thought up tonight and am unable to reach the docs until Monday and was hoping that some of the docs frequenting this forum would be able to give me their opinions and experiences so I can be a bit better informed overall in regard to the questions I wish to pose (as I understand it, the first week or so are crucial). So I guess I'll just ask you and say thanks in advance for anyone willing to help answer these.

    1.) I have this zinc/copper solution (or something like that) that I am supposed to spray on my scalp every 20 minutes or so, but do not have enough to do this for more than a MAXimum of 2 days, so I have been opting for every two hours or so. Is this acceptable?
    2) Are there any hair products that will lessen the chance of "shock loss" and improve my future results?
    3) Are there any products I can use (maybe vitamin E or something) that will help reduce the size of the scar from the donor site? My mom says she has something that helped her scars--even showed me where they used to be and i could no longer hardly see them (though they were burn scars--not sure if there is a difference)--but I am wondering if there are any products I can use now to help it heal faster and more seamlessly.
    4) Propecia gave me issues with "clumps" that look like tapioca in my semen, this scares me because it is messing with something hormonal that I am unsure whether it will "go away" after a period of time, or if it could cause unreparable damage later in life--would saw palmetto work as a good substitute? Ultimately I am just trying to keep it from looking like I am balding until Hair Cloning becomes viable...so if I can get by for 10 years with one more fue surgery to get me to the point where cloning is an option, I will be thrilled with that. I guess I am simply looking for options on this.
    5) Working out. I do not feel the need to do heavy lifting and such but was wondering when it would be viable for me to start using an elliptical. I used to be a personal trainer so the logic that is foremost in my mind is that increased blood flow should be helpful in bringing the vital nutrients and building materials to aid in the formation of the newly migrated follicular units. Am I wrong? If so, how long will it be before I can start light cardio (say recumbant bike or elliptical for an hour daily)?

    One final thing guys: I have 20 days now until I have to be back at work...is it going to look like I have lost a great deal more hair by then? I understand none of this is black and white, but given a percentage chance...what would you say?
    I'll add a pic to my profile for you docs to see so you can understand a little more fully before answering the q's. Thanks in advance...and OH, btw, my doc said I had one of the best donor sites he has ever seen, so that may play into it too (6-7 hairs in 50% of the follicular units)

    I'm so glad forums like these exist...but more happy that there are docs out there who care enough about the mental pain of a man losing his hair to spend their time freely assisting us on these forums.
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