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  • Harry West
    • Mar 2009
    • 57

    The next day

    Today is my first day after my procedure of 900 grafts in my hairline (but I think I may have actually gotten 1,000), and things seem to be going just fine. My donor area is pretty painful, but Vicodin works well for that. I can, however, feel the effects of the Vicodin wearing off after about 4-5 hours. At hour 6, I pop another couple pills, and about 45-60 mins later after the Vicodin starts kicking in, I'm good to go.

    The most painful part of the procedure for me was when they administered the local anesthetic. I was pretty high at that point from the pills and nitrous oxide, but I remember yelling the F word.

    So far, I'm definitely glad I did this, although I'm looking forward to the pain in my donor area to go away.

    Not sure what else to write.
  • crown exposed
    • Jul 2009
    • 46

    Sit back and enjoy it. Try to not look in the mirror 100 times a day...but I did.


    • Spex
      Dr Representative
      • Nov 2008
      • 4289

      Congrats - the pain will subside - Who was your Doc?
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