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    • Sep 2009
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    Very Happy Patient of Dr. Paul Straub

    I want to say how extremely pleased I am with Dr. Paul Straub, whose office is in Torrance. My hair loss began slowly when I was about 30. By age 45 I decided to look into what options were available for me. After a few months of research I met with several doctors for consultation. By far I was most impressed with Dr. Straub. I was also very impressed by his published articles and overall contribution to hair restoration. He is clearly a leader in the industry. In May of 2007 I went in for my first procedure, and we went with 1,000 grafts. His care of placement gave me a very nice hairline.

    As time has progressed over the past couple years I've lost a little more of my original hair, and decided a second procedure was in order. On Monday, September 14, I went in for a second procedure, this time going with 1,500 grafts. I'm very excited for these to begin growing.

    In our conversations Dr. Straub has convinced me of the benefit of getting on a daily program of Propecia. After several days of doing my own research, it is clear he knows what he is talking about, and is concerned that I maintain what I currently have.

    I would like to specifically touch on the experience for my second procedure (which was virtually identical to the first, only this one took a little more time). We started at about 9:00 a.m., and ended at about 7:00 p.m. As Dr. Straub was doing his work he was constantly sensitive to any discomfort I might have, and made whatever adjustments were necessary to ensure a pain-free experience. His staff of assistants are a reflection of Dr. Straub himself: warm, friendly, not wanting the patient to experience any discomfort. Lina, the assistant who answers the phones, and who personally checked on me throughout the process to see if I needed anything, was extremely professional and is a great asset to Dr. Straub's team.

    I left this second procedure as I did the first: extremely pleased and satisfied that I could not have received better care, nor could I have chosen a better doctor to perform this procedure.

    Dr. Straub, and staff, thank you so very much for treating me so well. I truly feel that you actually do care for your patients

    A Very Happy Customer
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    Congrats - heal and grow well!
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