Tubs - Dr Feller patient - 3500 grafts

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    • Nov 2008
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    Tubs - Dr Feller patient - 3500 grafts

    Tubs write up and pics at 8 months post op and 11 months post op:

    I am now 8 months Post HT. - **UPDATED to 11 mths*

    After the first few weeks of checking my hair every 10 mins, I began to realise that it was not the most productive use of my time!
    I didn't keep my HT a secret and so was able to canvas many opinions - such as

    1. My wife who said she didn't really mind either way if I had an HT, to being really amazed by the results and the difference it has made to how I look.

    2. My barbers - they have never seen a HT that looked so natural - they have only seen bad UK pluggy HT's

    3. Several Doctors and surgeons (my wife's side of the family nearly all in the medical profession) who have given my head an inspection that was similar to "monkey grooming" - all agreed that the naturalness and scar healing were excellent.

    4. Friends and family - most admitted to being very sceptical and felt I was pursuing a route based on "desparation" - all now postitively surprised on the outcome todate.
    The decision to have a HT has been one of my better ones - I feel a debt of gratitude to Spex for all his help in the early stages and Dr Feller and his team for the results thus far which I really couldn't be happier with.
    Next for me is the crown - I really want to avoid long downtime this time round and will be contacting Dr Feller to discuss the possibility of FUE.


    Updated 29 April with Hairline shots

    pre op:

    8 months

    11 months

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