3120 grafts in 2 surgeries by Dr. Alexander

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  • Scott Alexander, MD
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    • Dec 2008
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    3120 grafts in 2 surgeries by Dr. Alexander

    This patient has had two transplants. The first was 2 years ago, receiving 1500 grafts in his hairline. His 2nd transplant was to thicken up the hairline and fill in a couple spots. His hairline is growing very well and continuing to thicken up. His 2nd surgery we transplanted 1620 grafts and he is currently 6months post op.

    I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year.
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  • Ball
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    • Mar 2011
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    excellent work
    How are some doctors able to perform the transplant without shaving down the head? Is it just doctors preference or does one way yield better results?