Dr. Robert Dorin - 1 Hairline FUT 1702

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  • Dr. Robert J. Dorin
    Doctor Representative
    • Feb 2009
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    Dr. Robert Dorin - 1 Hairline FUT 1702

    Patient recently had his 1 year follow-up with Dr. Dorin. His treatment consisted of 933 singles and 769 duos - 2,471 hairs placed. Gels his hair, is very comfortable and pleased with this intial step, may do a smaller touch up. Been using Propecia for about 3 years now.
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  • SpencerKobren
    • Oct 2008
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    Very clean work. It's nice to see Dr. Dorin's work being presented. This patient must be very happy with the result.
    Spencer Kobren
    Founder, American Hair Loss Association
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