2000 CIT on class 4 - matured results - case TA by Dr. Cole

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  • CIT
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    • Nov 2008
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    2000 CIT on class 4 - matured results - case TA by Dr. Cole

    Here is a patient who went to a well-known clinic for strip (FUT) prior to coming to our clinic. This patient had a class 4 hair loss pattern and was treated with 2000 CIT grafts over three sessions. This result is 8 months after the last session. The patient only wanted some conservative coverage on top to ensure a more natural appearance in case more hair loss occurred. The patient is happy with the mature result and would like to add CIT grafts into the strip scar for more confidence in wearing a shorter hair style.

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  • SpencerKobren
    • Oct 2008
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    Very impressive result CIT and Dr. Cole. This patient must be thrilled!
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