In November 2022, our patient embarked on a hair transformation journey with Dr. Rahal, opting for a single FUE hair transplant. The procedure involved transplanting 2880 grafts and 6440 hairs, strategically concentrated in zones 1 to 4.

Key Details

Recipient Area Size: 47cm2


1-Hair FUs: 445
2-Hair FUs: 1414
3-Hair FUs: 917
4-Hair FUs: 104

Total Grafts: 2880 | Total Hairs: 6440

Average Hairs Per Graft: 2.24
Recipient Graft Density: 38.9
Recipient Hair Density: 87

At 29 years old, this patient had been using finasteride and minoxidil before the surgery, with no knowledge of any familial hair loss patterns.

When we caught up with him at the 12-month mark, his joy with the results was insatiable. Even earlier, at 8 months post-surgery, he couldn't contain his satisfaction and expressed it via email.

Take a peek at his remarkable before-and-after images below and don't hesitate to share your thoughts!

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Patient Advocate - Rahal Hair Transplant
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