2823 Grafts via FUE with Dr. Rahal - 1 Year Results

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    • Nov 2021
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    2823 Grafts via FUE with Dr. Rahal - 1 Year Results

    This patient underwent a 2823 graft FUE hair transplant with Dr. Rahal. The below results are from over a year out from the date of his procedure. See his surgical details and hair count breakdown below.

    1 haired grafts - 384
    2 haired grafts - 1739
    3 haired grafts - 652
    4 haired grafts - 48

    Total number of grafts - 2823
    Total number of hairs - 6010

    The patient was 45 years of age on the day of his procedure and has been experiencing hair loss since his thirties. He has no previous history of using any non-surgical hair loss solutions however, started on both Propecia and Rogaine after undergoing surgical hair restoration. He plans on continuing with both. He has advanced balding on both the mother's and father's side of his family (as much as a Norwood class 5 on his father's side and Norwood class 6 on his mother's side.

    His results have been presented below. Feel free to let us know what you think.

    Best wishes,

    Rahal Hair Transplant
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