Dr. Sean Behmam / Ethnic Hair for Women - 1466 Grafts

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  • Sean Behnam, MD
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    • Apr 2011
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    Dr. Sean Behmam / Ethnic Hair for Women - 1466 Grafts

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    Ethnic hair transplant restoring the hairline.

    1's - 112
    2's - 952
    3's - 402

    Restoring the hairline and creating a feminine hairline design with a minimal number of grafts. In this case, we used 1466 grafts. The most important things are using a very minimal number of 1's and using a maximum number of 2's and 3's to create that naturalness and thickness. Please notice how the 2 edges are naturally covered very well and they blend in very nicely with the rest of the hair. From the front view, the 2 temples are filled in and they blend in with the rest of the hair naturally. The reason this can be done with just 1466 grafts is that a large number of 2's and 3's are used with high graft survivability.

    Work performed exclusively by Dr. Sean.

    Dr. Behnam only performs one hair transplant a day to ensure all attention needed for the client’s procedure is given to the client, He performs all the punching himself. He is only dedicated only to you during the hair transplant procedures.

    For Consultations CLICK HERE.

    Hair Restoration Consultation Los Angeles

    For more information on Ethnic Hair Transplants for Women, visit us at https://igethair.com/womens-african-american-hair-transplant/

    Questions: dermhair5@gmail.com or call 310-315-4989 11669 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 110, Los Angeles, CA 90025
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