Dr Bisanga BHR Clinic - 2275 FUE 0-12 Months

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    • Feb 2019
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    Dr Bisanga BHR Clinic - 2275 FUE 0-12 Months

    Goal:- Fill temples and reinforce hair line and front.
    Age:- 38
    Meds: Minoxidil

    Patient Quote:-
    "I am of course very happy and the result is above my expectations. Got a better and straighter hairline than I even had in high school. Also experiencing the hair as thicker again. The fact that no-one around me noticed that I did the procedure makes me even more satisfied.

    Professional process from start to finish. From questions before, to reception and implementation and follow-up. It may cost more than other clinics, but there is a huge difference in the result if I compare with friends who have also done an HT."

    Graft Breakdown:-
    1: 458 *- *458 hairs
    2: 975 *- *1950 hairs
    3: 842 *- *2526 hairs
    Total - 2275 Grafts - 4934 hairs

    Average FU - 2.16 hairs




    1 MONTH

    3 MONTHS

    6 MONTHS

    12 MONTHS