Dr. True (True & Dorin) - 3158 FUT NW 6+

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  • Dr. Robert J. Dorin
    Doctor Representative
    • Feb 2009
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    Dr. True (True & Dorin) - 3158 FUT NW 6+

    This patient presented to Dr. True with less than ideal donor characteristics (fine hair/below average hairs/fu) and an extensive balding pattern. Goal with the initial transplant was to address the frontal third and bridge region with mild transition into the crown.
    While the result is not as full as would be with better hair qualities, neverless its been a meaningful and significant transformation for this patient. A second treatment is planned for 2000 - 2500 fu's to address the front/top and extend coverage into the vertex.


    Donor density: 62 FU/cm2 1.7 hairs/fu
    3158 grafts: 1081 singles, 2024 doubles, 53 threes - 5288 hairs

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  • bullitnut
    • Dec 2008
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    looks very natural imo.. a nice improvement and with the second surgery the density will improve, nice work!!
    all opinions expressed are my own based solely on my own experiences and knowledge, i do not work for any clinic/doctor. 2 bad UK ht's and 1 world class ht with SMG.
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