"Tubs" - Dr Feller patient

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  • Spex
    Dr Representative
    • Nov 2008
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    "Tubs" - Dr Feller patient

    Tubs received 3500+ session via strip with Dr Feller and his write up and updates can be seen here. I have put them into a montage to clearly see his progress.

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  • bullitnut
    • Dec 2008
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    looks super and couldnt have happened to a nicer guy tubsy deserves this good result
    all opinions expressed are my own based solely on my own experiences and knowledge, i do not work for any clinic/doctor. 2 bad UK ht's and 1 world class ht with SMG.
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    • Winston
      • Mar 2009
      • 943

      The outcome if terrific Dr. Feller.

      I love this site too ! It feels good when I’m here and I’m on every hairloss forum every day, but this is the only place that I post and I find it to be the most trustworthy and interesting. Also the others kind of get me down, I can’t explain why


      • Zao
        Senior Member
        • Dec 2008
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        Great Job Dr. Feller! I have to agree with Winston about this site, it's great!