Brain Tips for Hair Loss...BRAIN TIPS!

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  • SpencerKobren
    • Oct 2008
    • 398

    Brain Tips for Hair Loss...BRAIN TIPS!

    • Acupuncturist Banya Lim demonstrates exercises to diminish hair loss. If it were only that easy.
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    Spencer Kobren
    Founder, American Hair Loss Association
    Host, The Bald Truth Radio Show

    I am not a physician. My opinions and knowledge concerning hair loss and its treatment are based on extensive research and reporting on the subject as a consumer advocate and hair loss educator. My views and comments on the subject should not be taken as medical advice. Always seek the advice of a medical professional when considering medical and surgical treatment.
  • TeeJay73
    Senior Member
    • Oct 2008
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    Sweet Geezus! Are we really supposed to believe this nonsense? Is tapping our heads like a monkey really going to inhibit DHT and stop or reverse our hair loss?

    This video not only made me laugh, but it also made me think of the incredible power of the vulnerability experienced by hair loss sufferers. I'll be honest -- had I not found The Bald Truth, and graduated from it with a new set of eyes that has helped me understand the hair loss world any my own hair loss struggles in a much more realistic, analytical, and cautious way, then I may have fallen victim to the suggestions in this video and found myself bouncing around my apartment like a dweeb. :-)

    I know that this is not in direct relation to this video, but on the topic of the power of vulnerability related to hair loss, there is this hair loss shampoo/creme rinse stuff called "Ovation Cell Therapy" that is being heavily advertised on LA radio stations as of lately (I wrote another post about them elsewhere on this forum, and Spencer has made it clear that they are not recognized by the AHLA or FDA). Their marketing tactics are very tricky. If you hear their ads, or check out their website, you'll notice they never specifically say anything about stopping hair loss or growing new hair, but use every bit of tricky language that leads us to infer this is indeed the case ... such "grow thicker stronger longer hair much faster", blah blah.

    Anyway, out of curiosity, I checked out their website and watched a video testimonial from a supposed user of Ovation Cell Therapy. This blonde haired guy goes on & on for about 5 solid minutes about his hair loss, and how Ovation Hair has reversed his receding hairline and how new hairs are coming in along the hairline, after only 3 months of use. But here's the kicker: in the video, his frontal hair is combed down, and there is absolutely zero visibility to his hair line. And there is no show of before & after pics of any sort. Just this fruitcake going on and on. Isn't that incredible? Doesn't that speak to the power of the vulnerability of hair loss sufferers? Our desperation and mindset that is caused by our hair loss precludes the need for us to see any solid evidence of reuslts. All we need is to hear some stranger (potentially a paid actor) tell us it has worked for him, WITHOUT SHOWING US, and we'd be happy to spend our cash on buckets of this horse maneure. It also speaks to the intelligence of the marketing brains behind such products. They know what they're doing and they know their target audience.

    The power of the vulnerability caused by hair loss -- I would contend -- is perhaps the strongest that can be experienced by a man.